Education and training of students is arguably the most important goal of CDAC. This is crucial not only for the future health and vitality of the National Labs but for national security in general as we adapt to new realities of the 21st century. Indeed, this goal underlies the spirit of creating a Center out of seven leading, but formally independent academic institutions. Students and post-doctoral fellows within CDAC are being trained with state-of-the-art facilities and are participating in world-class research. They will be well-prepared for future challenges and job opportunities at NNSA Labs. 

In addition, a number of university undergraduate students participating in the highly successful Carnegie Summer Intern Program have worked on projects directly related to CDAC goals during the past year. This program, which is run by CDAC coordinator Steve Gramsch, seeks to identify students at smaller institutions who may not have the opportunity for front-line research during the academic year, or students without a significant research background. At Carnegie, such students are provided with an introduction to scientific research, and within the structure of CDAC, are learning about the important problems in the field of high-P research.

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