Students - Research

Each of the university partners is highly regarded for its training, especially of graduate students. CDAC graduate students are working on a wide variety of problems in materials science, physics, chemistry and high-P mineral physics and geophysics. A background in any of these areas within the structure of CDAC, and the exposure to current problems in high P-T research, provides important training for current and future experimental challenges in stewardship science. In particular, the group leaders currently have strong graduate programs. The Carnegie Institution has a long tradition in its commitment of educating the future leaders in science. In addition to the well-established post-doctoral program, it has a very successful and competitive program for graduate students as well as internships for high school students and undergraduates. Some of the graduate student collaborators and pre-doctoral fellows are already becoming leaders in their respective areas. Our close integration of computational theory within CDAC provides an environment in which graduate students in this area become intimately familiar with advanced experimental techniques and results, in addition to receiving training in computational methods. Previous work at Carnegie along these lines has led to numerous publications that grew directly from this synergy between theory and experiment.