CDAC Year 13 Review

On December 8-9, an NNSA review of the Carnegie-DOE Alliance Center was held at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory.  Nine CDAC partners, two NNSA Laboratory partners, and 20 students participated in the event.  CDAC partners gave overviews of their research programs, while the NNSA Laboratory partners provided updates on the research that they have carried out at HPCAT with CDAC beam time.  Student participation was a highlight of the review, as three students who spent time at NNSA Laboratories over the past two years gave updates on their experiences, and 17 students presented posters on their work at a lunchtime poster session.  A schedule of the review can be found here.  Student posters presented at the Review were:

  • Will Bassett, 32-channel pyrometer for measuring temperature dynamics in molecular explosives
  • Kierstin Daviau, Dissociation of SiC at high pressure and temperature
  • Sakun Duwal, Iso-structural transition and metallization in WS2
  • Zack Geballe, Experiments to constrain the free energy of liquids and glasses at high-pressure: Calorimetry and Brillouin spectroscopy
  • Jane Herriman, Modeling phonon anharmonicity in GaAs and GaN
  • Yi Hu, Five-coordinated silicon in diopside at high pressure by single-crystal x-ray diffraction and first principles calculations
  • May-Ling Li, Thermal conductivity of anisotropic materials at high pressure
  • Maneeshika Madduri, An engineer's path from Carnegie to Sandia
  • Chris McGuire, Fe5Si3 high-pressure and high-temperature equation of state up to 90 GPa from diamond-anvilcell experiments
  • Samuel Moore, Fabrication of designer diamond anvils using maskless lithography with integrated wireless data transmission
  • Sulgiye Park, Response of simple and complex oxides to extreme environments
  • Jeffrey Pigott, Applications of sample nanofabrication in diamond-anvil cell experiments
  • Will Shaw, Shock wave energy dissipation of nanoporous materials
  • Hannah Shelton, Evolution of interatomic and intermolecular interactions of melamine at high pressure
  • Spencer Smith, High pressure and high temperature structural behavior of the organic crystal paracetamol
  • Jing Song, Magnetic ordering at anomalously high temperature in Dy and Nd under extreme pressure
  • Josh Townsend, First-principles investigation of hydrous post-perovskite
  • Fred Yang, Thermally-driven electronic topological transition in FeTi