CDAC Year 13 Review Schedule

Carnegie/DOE Alliance Center Year 13 Review
December 8-9, 2015

Schedule for Tuesday, December 8

  • 8:30am  Russell Hemley (Geophysical Laboratory), Overview of the Carnegie/DOE Alliance Center
  • 9:15am  Stephen Gramsch (Geophysical Laboratory), CDAC Education, training, and outreach
  • 9:45am  Guoyin Shen (HPCAT), HPCAT Overview
  • 10:15am  Break
  • 10:30am  Dana Dlott (University of Illinois), Shock compression science under a microscope
  • 11:00am  Yogesh Vohra (University of Alabama – Birmingham), CDAC supported research at UAB
  • 11:30am  Jim Schilling (Washington University in St. Louis), High magnetic ordering temperatures in lanthanides at extreme pressure
  • 12:00pm  David Cahill (University of Illinois), Thermal transport at high pressures
  • 12:30pm  Lunch and Student Poster Session
  • 2:30pm  Eva Zurek (University at Buffalo - SUNY), Predicting crystal structures and properties of matter under extreme conditions
  • 3:00pm  Andrew Shamp (University at Buffalo - SUNY), Theoretical studies of the primary Hugoniot of boron carbide in extreme conditions student presentation
  • 3:20pm  Lowell Miyagi (University of Utah), High pressure deformation and phase transformations in two-phase systems
  • 3:50pm  Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon (UC – Berkeley), Modeling 2-phase deformation in polycrystalline aggregates relevant to the lower mantle student presentation
  • 4:10pm  Jason Jeffries (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Electronic and structural materials under pressure
  • 4:40pm  Nenad Velisavljevic (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Toward more comprehensive measurements of material properties at high P-T conditions
  • 6:00 pm   Reception and Dinner

Schedule for Wednesday, December 9

  • 8:30am  Brent Fultz (California Institute of Technology), A surprising role of magnon-phonon interactions
  • 9:00am  Przemek Dera (University of Hawai’i), Crystallographic investigations of the side effects of hydrogen bonding and hypervalent coordination states on pressure-induced polymorphism
  • 9:30am  Steve Jacobsen (Northwestern University), CDAC Partner Institution: Northwestern University
  • 10:00am  John Lazarz (Northwestern University), Elasticity at extreme conditions student presentation
  • 10:30am  Russell Hemley (Geophysical Laboratory), Concluding Remarks
  • 10:45am  Tour of HPCAT