CDAC at the 2017 SSAP Symposium

The annual Stewardship Science Academic Programs (SSAP) Symposium was held in Naperville, IL on April 12-13, 2017.  CDAC Director Russell Hemley gave an overview of the Center and its accomplishments in the scientific program, education and outreach, and technical developments during the past year.  The pdf file of the presentation may be accessed here

At the poster session, 20 CDAC graduate students presented their work.  Attending the symposium were Samuel Moore and Kathryn Ham (Alabama-Birmingham), Andrew Shamp and Tiange Bi (Buffalo), Sakun Duwal (Washington State), Fred Yang and Jane Herriman (Caltech), Benjamin Brugman (Michigan State), John Lazarz, James Walsh, and Samantha Clarke (Northwestern), Raul Palomares (Tennessee), Bethany Chidester (Chicago), Hannah Shelton (Hawai'i), Will Bassett and Erin Nissen (Illinois), Feng Lin and Samantha Couper (Utah), Jing Song (Washington University-St. Louis), and Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon (UC-Berkeley).

Sakun Duwal and Samantha Clarke both received Best Poster Awards for their presentations.  

Student posters presented at the poster session were:

  • Will Bassett, Shock imitation of explosives under the microscope 
  • Tiange Bi, Superconducting phases of phosporous hydride under pressure: Stabilization via mobile molecular hydrogen
  • Benjamin Brugman, Strength of solid krypton and xenon to 94 GPa
  • Bethany Chidester, Phase behavior and equations of state of the actinide oxides
  • Samantha Clarke, Creating binary CuBi compounds at high pressure
  • Samantha Couper, High temperature deformation and slip systems in NaNiF3 perovskite and post-perovskite
  • Sakun Duwal, Phase diagram and photochemistry of H2S and H2+S under pressure 
  • Kathryn Ham, White beam x-ray diffraction and radiography studies on transparent armor materials
  • Jane Herriman, Thermodynamic properties of GaN: Evolution with temperature and pressure in the wurtzite and zincblende phases
  • John Lazarz, Equation of state of majoritic garnet up to 25 GPa
  • Feng Lin, Modeling lattice strain and texture evolution in post-perovskite type minerals: Implications for slip systems activity
  • Samuel Moore, Two-stage nanocrystalline diamond micro-anvils for studies on materials under extreme conditions
  • Erin Nissen, Dynamics of shock compressed water
  • Raul Palomares, Characterizing the effects of dense electronic excitation in CeO2 and ThO2
  • Andrew Shamp, Theoretical studies of the principal Hugoniot and solid state properties of boron carbide in extreme conditions
  • Hannah Shelton, Noble gas transport by amphiboles: In situ structural analysis of neon within ferroactinolite
  • Jing Song, Magnetic ordering at anomalously high temperatures in Nd and Dy under extreme pressure
  • James Walsh, High-pressure synthesis of unprecedented intermetallic compounds
  • Fred Yang, Magnon-phonon interactions in Pd3Fe
  • Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon, Texture development in two-phase mineral aggregates: Modeling plastic deformation with finite element methods
Carnegie CDAC Research Scientists Muhtar Ahart and Kadek Hemawan, and Carnegie Postdoctoral Associate Zachary Geballe also presented posters:
  • Muhtar Ahart, Sound velocity and energy dispersive x-ray diffraction measurements of B4C and Si-doped B4C at high P-T conditions
  • Zachary Geballe, Fast electrical heating experiments on PdHx and H2O at high pressures
  • Kadek Hemawan, Encapsulated electrodes on diamond anvils for high pressure experiments