Viktor Struzhkin

Senior Staff Scientist
(202) 478-8952

Viktor V. Struzhkin focuses on experimental research at high pressures. He undertakes transport and magnetic measurements, and applies optical and synchrotron spectroscopy techniques to geophysics, planetary science and condensed-matter physics research. He obtained a Ph.D in solid-state physics from Institute for High Pressure Physics, Russian Academy of Science in 1991 and a combined BSc and MSc in physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia in 1980.

He is staff member of the Geophysical Laboratory. At the Carnegie Institution, he pioneered a suit of transport measurements in diamond anvil cells succeeding in measurements of superconductivity at very high pressures in excess of 200 GPa (2 million atmospheres). He is recognized expert in a multitude of experimental techniques in diamond anvil cells, including transport measurements, optical and synchrotron spectroscopy. His research interests cover condensed-matter physics, simple molecular solids, the chemistry and physics of the Earth’s mantle and core, and high pressure materials science.