Shamp Takes Position at NNSA HQ

Former CDAC graduate student Andrew Shamp, from the group of Academic Partner Eva Zurek at the University at Buffalo, has been awarded an NNSA Graduate Fellowship. He is now working at DOE Headquarters in Washington DC in Defense Programs and Development, which is responsible for identification, oversight, and resolution of complex engineering assignments in the NNSA Defense Science Programs section. His assignments are related to the application and use of physics, chemistry, nuclear science, and materials science for Stockpile Stewardship, which is meant to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the nation’s nuclear stockpile through scientific research. In summing up his interest in this fellowship opportunity, Andrew pointed out, “It is a great opportunity to experience a different aspect of the science that our country is carrying out. The NGF program allows me to understand what the role of federal program manager is like and allows me to see another perspective on how our nation completes its mission of stockpile stewardship.”