Manhattan Project Exhibit at Carnegie

The Atomic Heritage Foundation hosted series of events on June 2-3, 2015 to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Manhattan Project.  The program was held at the headquarters of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; 1530 P Street, NW; Washington, DC  20005. 

A reunion and reception for Manhattan Project veterans and their families was held on Tuesday, June 2, beginning at 2:30 PM. 

On Wednesday, June 3, a day-long symposium featured a discussion of the new Manhattan Project National Historical Park by officials from the Departments of Energy and Interior. Richard Rhodes, Robert S. Norris, Martin Sherwin, and Kai Bird, along with other Manhattan Project experts and veterans, took part in sessions on innovations, women in science, spies and more. 

The events were free and open to the public. For more information, please visit the Atomic Heritage Foundation's website