HPCAT Workshop on Advances in Matter under Extreme Conditions

HPCAT celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting a workshop on Advances in Matter under Extreme Conditons at the Advanced Photon Source from October 10-12, 2012. Over 100 people attended from the US and abroad. A report will be forthcoming consisting of two major parts, with Part I covering the advances in high pressure synchrotron techniques and extreme conditions science, and Part II addressing both scientific and technical challenges and research directions in the next decade.


Plenary Session 1 - Chair: Christian Mailhiot

  • G. Brian Stephenson - Welcome
  • Christian Mailhiot - Charge of the Workshop
  • Ho-kwang Mao - HPCAT: An Integrated Facility for High Pressure Research
    abstract / presentation
  • Eugene Gregoryanz - Compressing the Group-I Elements
    abstract / presentation

Plenary Session 2 - Chair: Thomas Duffy

  • Russell J. Hemley - New Opportunities in Compression Science
    abstract / presentation
  • Brent Fultz - Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Studies of Phonons, Thermodynamics, and
    Kinetics of Materials
    abstract / presentation
  • Yogendra Gupta - Dynamic Compression Science at APS: Scientific Challenges and
    Research Opportunities

Plenary Session 3 - Chair: David Funk

  • Maddury Somayazulu - Novel Xenon Chemistry with a Diamond Anvil Cell
    abstract / presentation
  • Per Söderlind - Electron Correlation and Magnetism in f-Electron Metals under Pressure
    abstract / presentation
  • Joseph Bradley - Understanding f-Electron Itinerancy and Magnetism Using Volume Collapse
    abstract / presentation
  • Daniel Hooks - Explosives Science

Break-out Sessions

  • Panel 1: Structure, bonding and thermodynamic properties reaching 0.5 TPa and beyond
    Chairs: Thomas Duffy, Stanimir Bonev
    Panelists: Reinhard Boehler, Brent Fultz, Carl Greeff, Eugene Gregoryanz, Richard Scalettar
    summary presentation
  • Panel 2: Time-dependent transformations and off-Hugoniot processes
    Chairs: William Evans, Shengnian Luo
    Panelists: Michael Armstrong, Jing-yin Chen, Eric Chronister, Daniel Hooks, Nenad
    Velisavljevic, Wenge Yang
    summary presentation
  • Panel 3: New materials discovery and applications
    Chairs: Jonathan Crowhurst, John Tse
    Panelists: Barbara Lavina, John Moriarty, James Schilling, Viktor Struzhkin
    summary presentation
  • Panel 4: Novel states of matter and new chemistry
    Chairs: Dana Dattlebaum, Andrew Cornelius
    Panelists: Valentin Iota, Yue Meng, Artem Oganov, Maddury Somayazulu, Philip Sterne
    summary presentation
  • Panel 5: Mechanical and transport properties of materials: strength, failure, rheology, transport properties
    Chairs: Yusheng Zhao, Rudy Wenk
    Panelists: Jon Almer, Joel Bernier, Changfeng Chen, Yan-zhang Ma, Dmitry Popov, Yanbin Wang
    summary presentation
  • Panel 6: Liquid and amorphous materials
    Chairs: Chris Benmore, Howard Sheng
    Panelists: Eric Chisolm, Malcolm Guthrie, Magnus Lipp, Changyong Park, Chris Tulk
    summary presentation
  • Panel 7: Advanced technologies and instrumentations
    Chairs: Chi-chang Kao, Stanislav Sinogeikin
    Panelists: Ercan Alp, Kevin D’Amico, Tim Graber, Vitali Prakapenka, Paul Chow, Jesse Smith
    summary presentation

Poster Session