Future of Compression Science Workshop

At the recent "21st Century Needs and Challenges in Compression Science" Workshop held at the Bishop's Lodge Ranch in Santa Fe, NM September 23-25, CDAC Director Russell Hemley chaired the Static Compression Panel, which included CDAC Advisory and Steering Committee members, as well as several CDAC collaborators. The workshop was convened by LANL Staff Scientists Dave Funk and Rusty Gray to help chart the course of high-pressure science for the coming decade, including opportunities at the proposed MaRIE facility at Los Alamos. The other participants on the Static Compression Panel were Christian Mailhiot (LLNL, CDAC Advisory Committee), Dana Dattlebaum and Yusheng Zhao (LANL, CDAC Steering Committee), and CDAC collaborators Reinhard Boehler (Carnegie), William Evans (LLNL), Malcolm McMahon (University of Edinburgh), Michael Pravica
(University of Nevada-Las Vegas) and Adam Schwartz (LLNL).

  • More information on the scientific issues discussed by the static compression panel can be found here.
  • The Static Compression Panel summary presented by Russell Hemley can be found here.
  • Workshop Summary