First Synchrotron X-ray Probe of Materials Under Shock Compression

Supported by beam time provided by CDAC and other members of the HPCAT consortium as well as HPCAT itself, a group from the Institute for Shock Physics (Washington State University , Pullman, WA) have succeeded in monitoring shock compression in real time using synchrotron x-rays. The Shock Physics group, led by Yogendra Gupta, a CDAC advisory committee member, carried out the measurements at HPCAT in August 2007.

These experiments were performed at HPCAT (with support from the new APS-HPSynC group). Both HPCAT staff (Paul Chow, Peter Liermann, Eric Rod, and Guoyin Shen) and HPSynC staff (Yang Ding) participated in the experiments. The initiative follows the highly successful synchrotron infrared experiments performed by the Sandia group.

For more information, see the press release here.