CDAC Year 9 Review

The Year 9 CDAC Review took place on October 25 at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. Overview talks were given by Carnegie's Russell Hemley, Stephen Gramsch, Ho-kwang Mao, Guoyin Shen, and Wenge Yang. CDAC Academic Partners Steven Jacobsen (Northwestern University), Dana Dlott (University of Illinois), Yogesh Vohra (University of Alabama – Birmingham), and Wendy Panero (Ohio State University) and CDAC Laboratory Partners Jason Jeffries (LLNL), Nenad Velisavljevic (LANL), and Luke Shulenburger (SNL) gave talks about their research programs to the review committee. In addition, 13 CDAC-supported graduate students and post-docs attended the review and presented posters during a lunch-time poster session.


  • Matt Armentrout (University of California, Los Angeles) "Fiber reinforced composites under pressure: A case study in non-hydrostatic behavior in the diamond anvil cell"
  • Christopher Berg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) "Laser-driven shock compression of an explosive simulant monolayer"
  • Kathryn Brown (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) "Emission spectroscopy of shocked materials"
  • Yun-yuan Chang (Northwestern University) "Electronic spin transition of iron in dense hydrous magnesium silicate at high pressure"
  • Allen Dalton (Geophysical Laboratory) "Development of fast optical techniques for investigating extreme condensed states"
  • Rostislav Hrubiak (Florida International University) "Thermal conductivity of zirconium at high pressure and temperature in a laser heated DAC"
  • Pamela Kaercher (University of California, Berkeley) "Crystallographic preferred orientation in FeO through the cubic-to-rhombohedral phase transition"
  • Jane Kanitpanyacharoen (University of California, Berkeley) "In situ laser and resistive heating techniques of Fe and (Mg,Fe)O at high pressure in radial diffraction geometry"
  • Lisa Mauger (California Institute of Technology) "Anharmonic behavior in Fe near the α-γ structural phase transition"
  • Jorge Muñoz (California Institute of Technology) "Large softening of the phonon partial densities of states of C15 rare-earth-iron compounds"
  • Jeffrey Pigott (Ohio State University) "Microfabrication of controlled-geometry samples for the laser-heated diamond-anvil cell using focused ion beam technology"
  • Joshua Townsend (Northwestern University) "Mbar-pressure synchrotron-IR of laser-heated materials in the diamond anvil cell"
  • Walter Uhoya (University of Alabama – Birmingham) "Anomalous compressibility effects and superconductivity in 1-2-2 iron-base superconductors under high pressures"