CDAC Scientists Honored for Years of Service to Carnegie

Ten CDAC-Affiliated Scientists and HPCAT Scientists were honored at the Geophysical Laboratory's Years of Service Ceremony on May 11th. Honorees were presented with Carnegie pins, each containing a gem stone representing their years of service to the institution. The scientists that were honored were:

  • Jinfu Shu (25 years)
  • Alexander Goncharov (15 years)
  • Stephen Gramsch (15 years)
  • Chang-Sheng Zha (15 years)
  • Muhetaer Ahart (10 years)
  • Arun Bommannavar (10 years)
  • Paul Chow (10 years)
  • Xiao-Jia Chen (10 years)
  • Guoyin Shen (10 years)
  • Ghih-Shiue Yan (10 years)