CDAC Science in Synchrotron Radiation News

The May/June, 2010 edition of Synchrotron Radiation News focused on high pressure research. Both of the technical reports in the edition showcased CDAC supported work and were coauthored by CDAC supported beamline personnel, including Zhenxian Liu, Guoyin Shen, Yang Ding, and Wenge Yang, as well as CDAC Academic Partner Tom Duffy (Princeton). The work of (Brookhaven/NSLS) and colleagues from Brookhaven, SUNY, Princeton, and Carnegie was featured in a report about high-pressure research at NSLS. High-pressure research at the APS was the focus of a report by Shen and colleagues from HPCAT, the University of Chicago, APS, and HPSynC.

Figure Captions
Top: Newly established U2A side station with Bruker Vertex 80v FTIR spectrometer and Hyperion 2000 IR microscope.

Center: The plot indicates pressure dependence of far-infrared absorption spectra of H2O and D2O ice VIII obtained at 85 K.

Bottom: Collapse of magnetism measure by NFS and its impact on sound velocity in Fe3S derived from NRIXS data: (a) partial phonon density of states; (b) collapse of magnetism.

  • To view these reports and the rest of the high pressure edition of Synchrotron Radiation News, go here.