CDAC Science at the 2015 SSAP Symposium

The annual Stewardship Science Academic Programs (SSAP) Symposium was held in Santa Fe, NM on March 11-12, 2015.  CDAC Coordinator Stephen Gramsch gave an overview of the Center and its accomplishments in the scientific program, education and outreach, and technical developments during the past year.  The pdf file of the presentation may be accessed here

At the poster session, 18 CDAC graduate students presented their work.  Attending the symposium were Will Bassett and Will Shaw (Illinois), Kierstin Daviau (Yale), Sakun Duwal (Washington State), Max Gianetta and Feng Lin (Utah), John Lazarz (Northwestern), Lisa Mauger and Fred Yang (Caltech), Jinhyuk Lim (Washington University-St. Louis), Jeff Montgomery and Spencer Smith (Alabama-Birmingham), Greg Hohensee (Illinois), Sulgiye Park (Stanford), Jeff Pigott (Ohio State), Andrew Shamp (Buffalo), Hannah Shelton (Hawai'i), and Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon (UC-Berkeley). 

Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon received a Best Poster Award for her presentation.  This is the second time that she has received a Best Poster Award at this meeting.

CDAC Academic Partner Raymond Jeanloz (UC-Berkeley) gave a presentation entitled "Journey to the Center of Jupiter:  Recreating Jupiter's Core on Omega," which described recent experiments carried out at the Omega laser facility.  CDAC Academic Partner Yogesh Vohra (Alabama-Birmingham) presented "Studies of Rare Earth Metals and Alloys Under Extreme Conditions."  Former CDAC Academic Partner Tom Duffy (Princeton) presented "Structure of Molybdenum to 1 TPa," which also described work done at Omega.

Student posters presented at the poster session were:

  • Will Bassett, Photophysics of rhodamine dyes under shock compression
  • Kierstin Daviau, Inside a diamond planet: Investigating high pressure and temperature SiC
  • Sakun Duwal, Pressure-induced metallization in tungsten disulfide
  • Max Gianetta, Orientation relationships and stress controlled variant selection during the B1 to B2 structural transformation in NaCl
  • Greg Hohensee, Inelastic thermal conductance, thermal transport in metallic silicon, and phonon scattering from magnetic defects at high pressure
  • John Lazarz, Optical properties of monoclinic acetaminophen
  • Jinhyuk Lim, Anomalous pressure dependence of magnetic ordering temperature in Dy and Tb
  • Feng Lin, Texture development at high pressure in epsilon-FeSi
  • Lisa Mauger, Anharmonic phonons in bcc-Fe and Fe3C
  • Jeff Montgomery, High-temperature high-pressure phase diagram of gadolinium studied with boron-doped heater anvils
  • Sulgiye Park, Complex and simple oxides under extreme environments
  • Jeff Pigott, High-pressure, high-temperature equations of state using nanofabricated controlled-geometry Ni/SiO2/Ni double hot-plate samples
  • Andrew Shamp, Theoretical studies of the primary Hugoniot and solid state properties of boron carbide in extreme conditions
  • Will Shaw, Shock wave energy dissipation via mechanochemistry
  • Hannah Shelton, Phase transition and hydrogen bonding behavior in Be(OH)2, Zn(OH)2, and SiO2 cristobalite at high temperatures and pressures
  • Spencer Smith, The polymorphic behavior of paracetamol under high pressure and high temperature conditions
  • Fred Yang, Phonon anharmonicity in B2-ordered FeTi
  • Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon, Visco-plastic modeling of MgSiO3 perovskite + periclase aggregates