CDAC Partners to Present COMPRES Distinguished Lectures

CDAC Partners Przemeslav Dera (University of Hawai'i) and Lowell Miyagi (University of Utah) have been named as the speakers for the 2014-2015 COMPRES Distinguished Lecture series in the field of Mineral Physics. The talks feature topics that emphasize the exciting high-pressure geoscience research being conducted within the COMPRES community and its significance for understanding fundamental Earth and planetary processes.  The Series was started in 2008. Since its inception, seven CDAC Partners and CDAC supported post-docs have been lecturers. 

Each lecturer will present two talks.  Dera's will be titled “High-pressure Adventures with Metastability and Subduction” and "Tales of Rock & Sand: A Crystallographic Journey From Hades to Heaven. Miyagi will be presenting talks entitled “Anisotropy at the core mantle boundary: A marker for geodynamic process and “Rheology experiments at extreme conditions:  Understanding the mechanical properties of Earth’s interior.”

For more information on the Distinguished Lecturer Series and descriptions of this year’s talks, please follow this link