CDAC at AGU 2014

The 2014 AGU Fall Meeting was held from December 15-19 in San Francisco, CA.  47 posters and presentations were presented by CDAC Partners, Students, and Scientists:

1. Ali, S. J., R. Smith, D. Erskine, J. Eggert, P. Celliers, G. W. Collins, and R. Jeanloz, Two-dimensional imaging velocimetry of heterogeneous flow and brittle failure in diamond.

2. Benitez-Perez, J. M., J. Gomez Barreiro, H. R. Wenk, S. Vogel, Y. Soda, M. Voltolini, and J. Martinez-Catalan, Quantitative texture analysis of talc in mantle hydrated mylonites.

3. Bennett, N. and Y. Fei, Element redistribution in Fe-Ni-O alloys by a thermal gradient: Implications for siderophile element partitioning during core formation and crystallization.

4. Bian, H., Z. mao, J. F. Lin, J. Yang, J. Liu, H. Watson, H. Chen, J. Shim, V. Prakapenka, Y. Xiao, and P. Chow, (Fe,Al)-bearing post-perovskite in the Earth's lower mantle.

5. Chen, H., S. H. Shim, K. Leinenweber, Y. Meng, and V. Prakapenka, Crystal structure of calcium silicate perovskite synthesized under water saturated conditions at mantle related pressure-temperature.

6. Clark, A., C. Lesher, S. Jacobsen, T. Yu, and Y. Wang, Volumetric and elastic properties of basalt at high pressure by x-ray microtomography and GHz-ultrasonic interferometry.

7. Collins, G. W., R. Jeanloz, et al., Exotic behavior of matter in the deep interiors of exoplanets.

8. Cottaar, S., M. Li, A. McNamara, B. Romanowicz, and H. R. Wenk, The role of post-perovskite in explaining observations of seismic anisotropy (Invited).

9. Diamond, M., S. J. Ali, J. Eggert, R. Jeanloz, G. W. Collins, and R. McWilliams, Investigating metallization in shock-compressed alkali halides.

10. Fei, Y., L. Han, N. Bennett, M. Hou, Y. Kuwayama, and H. Huang, Multiple experimental efforts to understand the structure and dynamics of Earth's core (Invited).

11. Finkelstein, G., P. Dera, and T. Duffy, High-pressure phase of cordierite from single-crystal x-ray diffraction to 15 GPa.

12. Geballe, Z., A. Townley, and R. Jeanloz, How to measure heat capacity of metals at 10s to 100s of GPa.

13. Godwal, B., F. Gonzalez-Cataldo, and R. Jeanloz, Siulating ramp compression of diamond.

14. Gomez Barreiro, J., M. Voltolini, J. Martinez-Catalan, J. M. Benitez-Perez, R. Diez-Fernandez, H. R. Wenk, S. Vogel, and L. Mancini-Elettra, Quantitative fabric analysis of eclogite facies mylonites: texture and microtomography.

15. Han, L., Y. Fei, and L. Zhang, Behavior of K in eclogite from subducted slab at pressures from 4 to 10 GPa.

16. Hummer, D., A. Kavner, C. Manning, C. Park, Y. Kono, and C. Kenney-Benson, Viscosity of carbonate-silicate melts using ultra-high resolution falling sphere viscometry.

17. Jackson, J., A. Wolf, J. Wicks, N. Solomatova, D. Bower, D. Dun, W. Sturhahn, P. Dera, and V. Prakapenka, Sound velocities and equations of state for lower mantle phases: Implications for deep mantle structures (Invited).

18. Jeanloz, R. and M. Ishii, Seismological constraints on lower-mantle convection.

19. Kavner, A. and M. Armentrout, High-pressure, high-temperature equations of state for Fe, Ni, andCo silicates, oxides, and metals: Constructing a deep earth electrochemical series.

20. Lavina, B. and Y. Meng, Complexity of high-pressure orthorhombic iron oxides, the characterization of Fe5O6.

21. Lazarz, J., S. M. Thomas, S. Tkachev, J. Townsend, C. Bina, and S. Jacobsen, High P-T elastic properties of OH-bearing majoritic garnet.

22. Liu, H., Y. Fei, L. Han, Y. Kono, M. Hou, Z. Zhao, and J. Du, Viscosity measurements of eclogite melt up to 5.6 GPa and 2000 K.

23. Liu, J., J. Li, and D. Ikuta, "Invar"-like behavior in compressed Fe7C3 with implication for deep carbon cycle.

24. Mao, W., Y. Lin, Y. Liu, C. Shi, and W. Yang, 3D spectroscopic x-ray imaging with nanoscale resolution at extreme conditions (Invited).

25. Marquardt, H., L. Miyagi, S. Speziale, H. P. Liermann, S. Merkel, and C. Tomé, Deformation of (Mg,Fe)O ferropericlase to temperatures of 1150 K and pressures of 96 GPa: Implications for mantle flow and seismic anisotropy (Invited).

26. Miller, R., J. Jackson, W. Sturhahn, J. Zhao, and C. Murphy, Sound velocities of iron-nickel and iron-nickel-silicon  alloys at high pressure.

27. Millot, M., S. Hammel, J. Rygg, R. Jeanloz, and G. W. Collins, Optical properties of superionic water at 2 Mbar.

28. Miyagi, L. and M. Jugle, Deformation and transformation textures in the NaMgF3 perovskite -> post-perovskite system.

29. Nisr, C., S. H. Shim, K. Leinenweber, R. Hervig, V. Prakapenka, and Y. Meng, Water in Al-free stishovite up to 65 GPa and 200 K.

30. Palaich, S., C. Tulk, J. Molaison, A. Makhluf, M. Guthrie, A. Kavner, and C. Manning, Structure and thermal behavior of CO2-IV at 18 GPa from 300-625 K.

31. Rainey, E., C. Bennett, and A. Kavner, Thermal conductivity of lower mantle minerals and heat flux across the core-mantle boundary.

32. Schmandt, B., S. Jacobsen, T. Becker, Z. Liu, and K. Dueker, Dehydration melting in the top of the lower mantle (Invited).

33. Shibazaki, Y., Y. Kono, Y. Fei, and G. Shen, Structure measurement of liquid Fe-C alloys at high pressure.

34. Sinogeikin, S., J. Smith, C. Lin, L. Bai, E. Rod, and G. Shen, Elasticity and anelasticity of materials from time-resolved x-ray diffraction.

35. Smart, T., M. Diamond, E. O'Bannon, J. Yuan, S. Stackhouse, B. Godwal, R. Jeanloz, and Q. Williams, PbCl2 and SnCl2 at high-pressures as analogs for SiO2 metallization.

36. Stagno, V., K. Crispin, A. Shahar, and Y. Fei, Growht kinetics of a reaction rim between iron and graphite/diamond and the carbon diffusion mechanism at high pressure and temperature.

37. Thomas, S. M., S. Jacobsen, C. Bina, P. Reichart, M. Moser, G. Dollinger, and E. Hauri, Water in olivine and its high-pressure polymorphs.

38. Tsuchiya, J., J. Townsend, T. Tsuchiya, S. Jacobsen, and C. Bina, First principles investigations of hydrous phases at the bottom of the lower mantle (Invited).

39. wang, Y., T. Yu, C. Prescher, V. Prakapenka, P. Eng, J. Stubbs, Y. Kono, and G. Shen, A Paris-Edinburgh cell for liquid silicate structural studies using monochromatic diffraction and soller slits.

40. Waszek, L., K. Arredondo, G. Finkelstein, L. Kellogg, L. Vadran, M. Li, C. Lithgow-Bertelloni, B. Romanowicz, N. Schmerr, M. Rudolph, J. Townsend, Z. Xing, and F. Yang, Slab stagnation in the lower mantle: A multidisciplinary investigation.

41. Wu, X., J. F. Lin, J. Liu, Z. Mao, X. Guo, C. McCammon, Y. Xiao, and V. Prakapenka, Elasticity of single-crystal phase D across the spin transitions of ferrous and feric iron in the lower mantle.

42. Wu, Y., X. Wu, J. F. Lin, T. Yoshino, C. McCammon, Y. Xiao, and V. Prakapenka, Electronic spin and valence states of iron in the Al-rich NAL and CF phases in the subducted slabs.

43. Ye, Y., C. Gu, S. H. Shim, V. Prakapenka, and Y. Meng, In situ measurements of the post-spinel and post-garnet phase boundaries in pyrolite at 17-32 GPa and 1500-2400 K.

44. Yu, T., C. Prescher, J. Wang, V. Prakapenka, P. Eng, Y. Kono, J. Stubbs, and G. Shen, Structure study of sodium disilicate glass in a Paris-Edinburgh cell using monochromatic x-ray diffraction and a multi-channel collimator.

45. Zepeda-Alarcon, E., R. Lebensohn, P. Kaercher, and H. R. Wenk, Viscoplastic modeling of MgSiO3 perovskite and periclase aggregates.

46. Zhang, L., Y. Meng, D. Popov, J. Wang, and H. K. Mao, Application of multigrain crystallography to mineralogy of the deep Earth.

47. Zhang, L., Y. Meng, W. Yang, L. Wang, W. Mao, Q. Zeng, J. S. Jeong, A. J. Wagner, K. A. Mkhoyan, W. Liu, R. Xu, and H. K. Mao, Disproportionation of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 perovskite and its implications to the deep earth (Invited).