2014 SSAP Annual Symposium Features CDAC Science

The annual Stewardship Science Academic Programs (SSAP) Symposium took place in North Bethesda, MD from February 19-20, 2014. Individual grant recipients and center directors from the three divisions of the program (High Energy Density Physics, Low Energy Nuclear Science, and Materials Properties Under Extreme Conditions) gave updates on center or group activities and progress. The symposium was opened with a welcome address from Keith LeChien, the Program Manager in the Defense Science Division at the NNSA. Bruce Held, Acting Administrator (NNSA) and Acting Undersecretary for Nuclear Security (DOE), gave the keynote talk before the poster session.

CDAC students and scientists presented 18 posters during the poster session on the first night of the symposium. In addition, CDAC Director Russell Hemley gave an invited talk, presenting an overview of CDAC.

CDAC Students Pamela Kaercher (Berkeley), Emma Rainey (UCLA), and Dane Tomasino (WSU) all received Best Poster awards during the poster session. This is the third year in a row that Pamela has earned this honor.


  • Bishop, M., High pressure-temperature phase diagram of 1,1-diamino-2,2-dinitroethylene (FOX-7)
  • Borstad, G., Mixtures of D2-H2O, D2-NH3 and D2-CH4 under high pressure
  • Chang, Y. Y., Hardness and elastic properties of boron-doped diamond
  • Daviau, K., Preliminary work on the melting of SiC at high pressure
  • Geballe, Z., Brillouin studies of a highly-stable glass, CaSiO3, from 0 to 44 GPa
  • Hohensee, G., Metal-diamond interface thermal conductance with nitrogen defects at high pressures by time-domain thermoreflectance
  • Jugle, M., Deformation and transformation textures in the NaMgF3 perovskite to post-perovskite system
  • Kaercher, P., Understanding lower mantle rheology from two-phase deformation experiments
  • Lim, J., Origin of pressure-induced volume collapse in Dy, Tb, Gd, and destruction of dense kondo state in CeBa, to 120 GPa
  • Murialdo, M., A thermodynamic study of high pressure physisorption on nanostructured carbon
  • Rainey, E., High-pressure thermal conductivity of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 perovskite measured in the laser-heated diamond anvil cell
  • Shamp, A., Boron carbide: The evolution of structure under pressure
  • Shaw, W., Laser-driven flyer-plates for shock induced chemistry
  • Shen, G., HPCAT facility at the Advanced Photon Source: Exploring matter under extreme conditions
  • Smith, S., Polymorphism in paracetamol: Evidence of additional forms IV and V at high pressure
  • Tomasino, D., Dynamic thermo-mechanical loading of simple molecular systems
  • Uhoya, W., High pressure effects on the superconductivity in rare earth doped CaFe2As2
  • Zepeda-Alarcon, E., High pressure deformation of two-phase mineral assemblages: Lower mantle implications